How do I register for the Alpha Test?

Please visit and click “Sign Up” – you will be directed to the New World Amazon product detail page. You must sign in with your Amazon account, then click “Email Me” and we will contact you with details when available.

I don’t see “Email Me” on the Amazon product detail page.

Please sign in with your Amazon account and then you will see the “Email Me” button.

I think I signed up but I don’t see the “Email Me” button anymore on the Amazon product detail page, what should I do?

In place of the “Email Me” button, you will see “Signed up for alert” after you have registered. This means you are signed up to receive an email when we are ready to invite you to the Alpha Test.

What is the New World Alpha Test?

The Alpha Test is a limited access, early game testing phase that will allow us to get player feedback on game content and systems, while simultaneously testing technical aspects of the game service. This data will help influence and inform ongoing game development. Please be aware that we will make changes to the game during the Alpha Test, and your game play experience may be impacted by those changes.